Foley App Designers: We Combine Performance and Allure

We are the highly sophisticated software designers and developers united under one roof in Australian headquarters to create the outstanding applications. Jointly we have successfully designed and advertised over 250 custom apps for the foremost mobile platforms. Our UX/UI design is functionality-based and user-centric, able to make the programs we build the exact embodiments of your business dreams.

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We Create Smart Apps

As real professionals of the software development craft, we understand how to bring the toughest thoughts to life, and we design apps that supply real value. The app designers create programs that meet all corporate needs and offer many benefits to all industries from educational software and clinical equipment to breathtaking games and bespoke business solutions. Our design agency enables groups to find the most efficient approach and make it work in the attractive and user-friendly utility. See more on page.

IT solutions for enterprise

Our services are not confined to application design and programming; the in-house experts provide the client's analytics, market research, advertising and marketing consultancy to optimise overall performance of the products and get the maximum ROI. We rank among the leading program designers and developers and have an extensive portfolio of cases for the global companies worldwide and aspiring startups. Our specialists would be happy to work with you.

Affordable designer for small and large projects

Our programs usually repay in the long run, bring tangible value and ameliorate your reputation. Business recognition is fairly vital when it comes to establishing relationships with customers. The higher the status, the greater chances that the client will take a liking and strike a deal. People are proud of shopping from famous companies and are eager to boast about their exclusive experience with pals and family and in social networks, advertising your brand additionally.

Promote the business

Push notifications are one of the most forcible ways to keep the customers aware about products and services. Placing ads in newspapers, magazines, on TV or radio one covers only a small and an utterly unique part of the target audience. Advertising on a mobile device is exactly what instant marketing is. If the sales are not going well, our designers are ready to create and implement push notifications informing of a small discount or a special offer, and you will see instant effects.

Perfect strategies for customer communication

We often propose our clients to create a guestbook into their app, where users will be able to leave comments and reviews. It is an exquisite possibility to better understand the customers and to set up pleasant relationships, attending to their troubles and receiving beneficial critiques.
There are a few different ways to connect with the customers:
  • Content sharing and import from photo, video and music services
  • Email via the application
  • Event calendars
  • Bookings and reservations
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Web site access.
  • One-touch call

We work with

  • PlayStation
  • nzmsa
  • microformats

You can rely on our designers to create a visually appealing and user-friendly web or mobile solution in an effort to pay-off properly in the long run. And we will be glad to help you layout one from scratch or upgrade the current product’s user interface and experience to conform with the modern consumer expectancies and design trends.

We start our design undertaking with the identification of business objectives, dreams and priorities. On this step, we help to discover the app user needs and align them with real life user stories. We additionally help with improvement of the proper strategy to assist the individual needs of the clients and create larger customer base with the help of layout. As a result, you get strategic insights into your own expectations and all possible interactions with the app. This can be used similarly as a solid foundation for the UI/UX design.

Based on the two previous steps, the designers identify the right key overall performance indicators. We conduct research with a focus group to test how the potential users will interact with the app capabilities. Distinctive evaluation of user behaviour allows us to accumulate feedbacks and efficaciously rework data into the movement plan on the way to improve the app layout. As a result, we assist you to choose the best design to be right to the specific needs and maximum advantageous to the users.

No matter what features and functionality have been established in the app, a good designer should always take them as a foundation when creating an appealing look of the software product. It is twice challenging, taking into account the fact that users choose an application primarily based on how it looks and feel. Our specialists fairly understand how to elaborate the perfect design from the standpoint of both functionality and appearance. We ensure that every product of our designers is emotional, eye-catching, intuitive and clear. At this stage, we add context and create user stories they can away from using the app. The designers also make the app’s UI layout entirely match the brand of the client’s business, so that it is perceived as a necessary detail of the corporate identity.

On this step, the designers ensure that the app has an equal look and feel as it was planned and has been well tested on the platform of preference. We transform the design into a working code at the pixel level. The developers perform the front-end coding using Javascript, HTML5, CSS.

After the front-end programming has been completed, the developers continue with back-end integration and are equipped to deliver the app’s UI/UX design. Upon the additional request, we can help with the development of the app’s logo design for a delegated app shop. Have no company identity yet? Don’t worry — we assist in creating one from scratch in the best way possible!

We Create Mobile Apps in Keeping with the Core Principles of User Interface Design

If you want to create a splendid, functional mobile interface, design standards are hugely crucial. Layout concepts (generally known as heuristics) are free pointers the designers should stick to that allow enhancing the perfection of an UI.
When used collectively, layout ideas make the app designer’s activity much less complicated. They eliminate a lot of useless work and make interfaces more predictable and, therefore, simpler to use.
  • Structure principle. Layout must prepare the UI purposefully, in significant and beneficial ways based totally on precise, regular models which might be apparent and recognisable to users, placing related matters together and setting apart unrelated things, differentiating assorted issues and making similar things resemble one another. The structure principle is related to the universal UI architecture.
  • Simplicity principle. The design has to be simple, common tasks smooth, communicating genuinely simple in the user’s language, and presenting excellent shortcuts which might be meaningfully associated with longer procedures.
  • Visibility principle. The design should make the options and features for a given task seen without distracting with extraneous or redundant information. Precise designs don’t overwhelm with options or confuse with unneeded information.
  • Feedback principle. The design should hold customers informed of moves or interpretations, changes of state or circumstances, and exceptions or errors that are relevant and of interest to the user through concise, clear, and unambiguous language familiar to users.
  • Tolerance principle. The design has to be flexible and tolerant, reducing the cost of mistakes and misuse through permitting undoing and redoing, while also stopping errors wherever possible through tolerating various inputs and sequences and with the aid of interpreting all reasonable moves.
  • Reuse principle. The layout has to reuse internal and external additives and behaviours, retaining consistency with a purpose in preference to merely arbitrary consistency, for that reason reducing the need for customers to reconsider and remember.
One of the essential use cases for mobile is killing time. But that doesn’t suggest you must waste that of the users. Our designers make certain that the primary tasks the users need to accomplish with the program are apprehended through thorough research and make those the focal point of the interface.


Have you ever heard the saying: ‘Measure twice, cut once?’ Well, that idea applies to building apps, too. When our designers work on the app, they are sure that they are on the proper way and avoid doing costly reworks by testing the prototypes. They can iron out the kinks in the design before the code is written, saving your time, money and problem of making adjustments in development Plus, you will already realise how customers will obtain the product earlier than it hits the stores.
We perform QA tests at every stage of the design process.This means testing after thumbnail wireframes, sketches, high fidelity mockups, and prototypes. People often too formalise the concept of testing in their heads. But a user test can be as simple as asking someone about performing a venture when seeing even a single screen or image. User Experience layout is a balance between a designer’s intuition and facts. User testing is a primary force in our decision-making process.

Rely on Professionals

Our app designers and developers that have worked on a significant number of successful projects for different industries are top specialists, such as:
  • Mobile and web app designers
  • Graphic and logo designers
  • UI developers
  • UX testers