App UI Design: How We Create Outstanding Interaction

We create app design that combines the form and function, properties and aesthetic manifestations. App UI design is the visual compound of the “product”. It defines what colors to use, whether it is convenient for a person to hit the buttons with a finger, whether the text will be readable, etc.

The task of our UI designers is to lead users to the ultimate goal, to help them "solve the problem".

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The Main Rules for Creating an Outstanding Design

UI (User Interface) is what many people immediately associate with the word “design”: colors, graphics, icons and logo. It is a means of communication between the user and the system. In order for the design to be convenient, solve the problem and “sell” the product, there are a number of rules and trends that our UX / UI designers follow to achieve their goal:

When people interacts with an app, they have a specific goal. And, as a rule, the less effort the user makes to achieve this goal, the better the experience. A good example is the design of a linear path, where each step of the user is accompanied by the execution of only one action.

The choice of colour is bound up not only by aesthetics, it is part of interaction. Colour is an instrument of emphasis on the main thing. For example, designers can use colours to make a visual difference between different types of notifications.

Users often use only three apps, and at least one of them is an instant messenger. People love to chat. Therefore, chatbots and voice assistants, enhanced by artificial intelligence, have become trends in recent years.

Even in the era of command line interfaces, we used emoticons to convey our feelings to others. People tend to establish an emotional connection with all the products used. As a result, when interacting with products, we expect reactions similar to human.

The mobile app market is evolving, devices are becoming smarter, and designers are finding new visual solutions to “humanize” the smartphone. All this in order to meet the needs of users and businesses.

App UI Design and Marketing

As a rule, marketers are repelled by the created product and decide who should be customers of the business. Designers do the opposite, first investigate the client’s problem and create a solution for it — a product. What binds them is that design and marketing serve business (product) goals.

Marketer and designer set goals and achieve them based on ratings, analysis and market research, specificity, demand and audience. Our app designers have learned to be empaths, because in order to design an application you need a lot of knowledge about the consumers and their behavior. The same is used by marketers for a successful advertising campaign. The formula for business success is good design + good marketing.

If this is exactly what you are looking for, contact us to discuss your app UI design and create an outstanding product.