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AE Flat

A web portal for property search in the UAE

The project implied the development of the largest property finding portal in the UAE. The portal unites homeowners, buyers, renters, and brokerage firms letting them easily find and share property information. The portal simplifies access to the up-to-date property-related information including real estate news, home advice, commercial and residential listings and many others. Our team was asked to work collaboratively with client’s frontend developers and be responsible for the portal backend. As a result, we delivered robust and scalable backend seamlessly integrated with the client’s frontend.


Stop Signal

A web application for technical engineers at the railway station

The program facilitates the work of the technical engineers at an Australian railway station automating railway fault detection. An internal software is aimed at monitoring faults on railways. The project implied the usage of the Internet of Things technologies with the installation of numerous transponders, RFIDs, on the rails. We taught the system to retrieve data from RFIDs and store it in the custom database providing a separated background service with access to it. The program collects data from these transponders, analyses statistics, and sends regular reports to the engineers enabling them to monitor hardware reliability.



A mobile application to support airline’s web system.

Our team was asked to develop a native application for Android devices which would allow airline’s crew to access, edit and add individual information, consolidate notes on numerous airports, and get notifications about flight delays, status, and TAF/METAR weather forecast. The airline we worked with has already had a web system which met their overall needs, but they wanted to build a mobile solution that could support this system functionality. So we built a mobile system that could inform crews about any changes in their schedules.



A website offers thousands travelling options for students

Our clients approached us to improve user experiences implementing better navigation model into their website. They were looking for professionally looking and easy-to-maintain solution with engaging visual elements, animation, and interactive elements. We started from the ground rebuilding site’s information architecture, rearranged content into appealing text extracts with eye-catching images and videos creating a consistent and organised layout via HTML5. We implemented additional interactivity enabling users to sort the information according to the users’ needs and interests. We also ensured mobile-friendly responsive design.



A web application with location-based social analytics.

The program enables businesses to monitor geolocation social network data and check-ins, integrating data from such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. It provides data analytics about users’ social media presence according to the location data. The program lets users easily manage their physical locations they want to monitor and view and analyse demographic data of the customers determining the target audience. All data is presented in beautiful graphs and an interactive map with ability to display the most popular locations around.


Action Cam

An online project management tool.

One of our recent development cases implied the development of mobile and web application for television and film production. The application was intended to improve project management making a multitude of off and onset tasks. It enables automation script import and improves cast and crew’s daily schedule management. Besides, with the program, users can generate daily call sheets in PDF. Currently, it is used by visual production professionals and other broadcasting specialists.