Web Developers in Sydney: Harnessing the Power of IT

Meet our Team of Web Developers

We are a dedicated team of developers, designers and analysts located in Sydney with offices around the world. In almost 10 years of application development, we work with startups, local entrepreners and international companies to create top-notch sites, mobile apps and custom business growth software. Since the smartphone era is approaching, we provide companies with high quality mobile solutions. We specialize in web design and application development, encoding frontends and backends, using the latest technologies and software to integrate with different services and tools.

Here's what we do:

  • li Project UX and UI. We study, plan, create user stories, and perform rigorous testing
  • Flat design. We create visually stunning sites and we should
  • Front-end development. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, Backbone and more
  • Back-end development. PHP, CI, Puppet, ExpressionEngine, Vagrant and more
  • Database Design. Our developers create fast, effective and secure databases.
  • Services. Integrate third-party services, APIs, and high-tech hardware with your software

Our approach

We fully understand that each project has its own specific requirements and each client has their own vision of the final product. Our experienced team of developers can handle projects of all sizes and complexities. By developing digital products, we use agile methods that allow us to deliver work apps in weeks, introduce changes at any stage of the development process, and create scalable security solutions efficiently and cost-effectively. Estimate the cost of app development here.

Skillful Developers from Sydney

Our talented and passionate developers have digital solutions in Australia and around the world. The history of our company dates back to two passionate IT enthusiasts who want to create software that changes the business environment with solid antecedents of successful expansion with offices on three continents. Our team is comprised of qualified application developers, graphic designers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists and other IT professionals. We love the design of resource-rich, easy-to-use, and secure software solutions that deliver enduring value to the organization.

Our experience speaks for itself

  • AMD
  • intel
  • PlayStation

What do we believe?

We do not develop apps simply because it is our job. We develop apps because we are passionate about our technology, like exploring new technologies, applying the latest technologies, turning ideas into sound products and helping companies succeed. We have a forward, broad mind and innovative vision. Each of our new projects is an opportunity to prove our broad experience, challenge us with new and challenging tasks, expand our knowledge, and create high-quality apps that people love to use and benefit from.

Custom Content Management System Design

We can equip your site with a custom content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to update and edit the content of your site. The main advantage of a tailored CMS is that you have the freedom to manage your website. You do not need to contact the developer to make changes to your site content, rearrange elements, or create new pages. To add more, we can integrate your site with social networks.

Social Networking Integration

The social network connects your brand to a large audience of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other users, attracting and providing insight into your business, increasing loyalty and driving sales. Your customers can easily share their articles and news with friends and follow their social networking accounts to stay up-to-date on events, promotions and discounts.

Integration with payment services

If you wish to make an online purchase with an integrated online shopping cart or any other web resource, we can help you achieve this. We can integrate online payment services to allow your customers to choose items, add them to the shopping cart, request delivery and pay for credit cards or PayPal. Another important aspect of any web product is the user interface.

UI Project

Many companies consider functionality as the most important, bypassing the web design, but this is a mistake because the design is the first impression of the visitor. If they enter a web page that does not attract them or can not find the buttons or the information they need, they will leave and never return. In addition, the design of your web product represents your brand image.

Custom Web Development

By creating custom software, we use agile methods because it allows us to deliver projects within budget and deadlines without compromising product quality. It ensures great flexibility because we can change the requirements at any time as needed, and clearly understand the activities we need to implement to achieve the desired results. Our main focus is to develop a custom website to raise awareness of your brand and increase conversion rates on the World Wide Web.

Resource site

Our talented and ambitious designers will create a user interface that your customers will love. To provide users with a superior experience, you'll increase your retention rate, create more leads, and get more sharing. How can this be achieved? Our developers conduct rigorous testing and in-depth research to understand what our customers like and do not work for them. To gather user feedback, we've provided a group of people similar to your niche audience to try out your apps and share their opinions, and based on that feedback, we've improved our projects. As a result, you get web product that appeal to your target audience and attract the majority of users.

Application development and web design

We create first-class apps and websites that have the following characteristics:

  • Adapted to the specific needs of your business
  • Perfect user experience and intuitive interface
  • Wide range of features, fast performance and advanced security
  • High quality
  • A full range of digital services
  • Development
  • Checking for ideas
  • Design
  • Delivery
  • Custom Software Development
  • Creating the Content Management System
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Payment Service Integration
  • Project UI
  • Responsive web development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Work with industry-leading web developers in Sydney

Contact us to discuss how to increase productivity and drive sales by implementing the latest technologies. You can leave us a message, call us or feel free to reach our headquarters. Let's turn your ideas into reality. We are a cheerful, experienced and experienced web developers in Sydney. We can provide software for small and large companies around the world - we've designed a solution that uses cutting-edge technologies, provides greater mobility for your employees, and gives your customers an exceptional experience of engaging with the brand.

Mobile-Friendly Benefits

All versions will be embedded in the code in a single domain, the server receives the size information and fires the most appropriate code. Such a simple architecture makes it easy to maintain your site because you do not have to update all the different versions one by one. An added benefit of responsive design is that it is evaluated by Google and ranks search results optimized for mobile devices.

Responsive web design

Today, users spend much more time on their smartphones than on their desktops. To reach this large audience and get higher Google search results, you must optimize your site for mobile devices. And you do not even have to create separate web resources for different screen sizes. Our developers create a responsive web site that resizes to fit all screens, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

A broad portfolio of successful projects

Over the years in the IT industry, we have delivered more than 350 projects to companies of all sizes in our broad product portfolio. If you need a basic one-page site to provide your customers with information about your business, local mobile apps streamline the business processes that attract your audience or a custom software system - we're here to help.

Technologies we are proficient in

iOS framework.

  • PhotoKIT. If you want to design a Web application with photo editing features, PhotoKit is a must-have for the developers.
  • App Extensions. Additional apps provide the opportunity to connect your application with other web apps installed on your device, as well as the iOS system itself.
  • Touch ID. By deploying a finger scanner, we provide additional security to keep your data safe from errors. Touch ID technology provides a highly secure license.
  • HealthKIT. This technology is great for those who love a healthy lifestyle - using Apple's high-tech features to track their health and athletic achievements.
  • Display kits If your brand does not only appear on your smartphone, but also on your Apple Watch, our experienced developers can do so.
  • Apple Pay. The Apple Pay is great for e-commerce and for anyone who wants to click online to sell their products. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is evolving rapidly, so this is a great opportunity for your brand to win over consumers.
  • HomeKIT. This superb iOS framework is designed to connect your Apple smartphone and tablet to your smart home device.
  • Cloud box. iCLoud is a cloud-based solution that gives users and developers access to cloud-based storage and features. We will integrate your application with this interesting feature to increase speed, storage and agility.

Let us help you with web development

We ensure that your application will have the following features:

  • Compatible with all types of equipment
  • Clear and safe code
  • Friendly and visually stunning design
  • Meet the industry's best standards
  • High quality

Our Sidney web developers are happy to help you with creation of your web-based software, tailormade for the needs of your staff and customers.