WMS Software for Business

Modern business environment requires organisations to deploy innovative software solutions to efficiently manage increasingly complicated supply chains while cutting operational costs. The E-commerce growth is challenging logistics specialists in new ways. Customer compliance also creates obstacles for you and your staff.

While continuously meeting strategic business goals and managing changes, it is your responsibility to continually improve processes. To achieve this, you must have WMS software and a partner that adopts agile and innovative solutions.

What is WMS?

The Warehouse Management software (WMS) is a software and process that allows businesses to control warehouse operations before they enter or leave the warehouse. Warehouse operations include inventory management, picking and audit processes.

For example, WMS can provide visibility into organizational inventory at any time and place, either in the installation or in transit. It also manages supply chain operations, from manufacturers or wholesalers to warehouses, retailers or distribution centers. WMS is typically used with or integrated with a Transportation Management software (TMS) or inventory management system.

Type of Warehouse Management System

There are many types and methods of implementation for warehouse management systems, and the type often depends on the size and nature of the organization. They can be independent systems or modules in a larger enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or in a supply chain execution set.

Its complexity is also different. Some small companies may use a number of simple print documents or spreadsheets, but most large organizations - from small to medium-sized businesses to corporate enterprises - use sophisticated WMS software. Some WMS configurations are built specifically for the size of the company, and many vendors have different versions of WMS products that fit different organizational sizes. Many organizations develop their own WMS from scratch, that is a good choice for those who need a product built to their special needs.

The WMS can also be configured according to the requirements of the organization, for example, an e-commerce provider can use a WMS with functionality different from a physical retailer. In addition, the WMS can be specifically designed or configured for the type of merchandise that the organization sells, for example, the requirements for a sports clothing retailer are different from the supermarket chains.

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Warehouse Management Software Features

Many features are common to WMS software products, including the following:

  • Warehouse design allows organizations to customize workflow and selection logic to ensure that it is used to optimize inventory allocation. The WMS has built a bin slot to maximize storage space and resolve seasonal inventory differences.
  • Inventory tracking, using advanced tracking systems including ratio frequency identification (RFID), automatic identification and data acquisition (AIDC) and bar code scanners, ensures that goods can be easily found while moving.
  • Receive and rack-mount, allowing inventory to be placed and retrieved, usually by picking or choosing the voice technology to help warehouse employees find goods.
  • Picking and packaging of goods, including regional picking, wave picking and batch picking. Warehouse employees can also use batch partitioning and task collation capabilities to guide the separation and packaging tasks more efficiently.
  • Shipping allows WMS to send a bill of lading (B / L) prior to shipment, generate a shipping list and shipping invoice, and send a pre-shipment notice to the recipient.
  • Workforce management helps storage managers monitor employee performance by using key performance indicators (KPIs) that indicate that employee performance standards are above or below standard.
  • Management of yards and docks to help truckers enter the depot to find the right dock. The more complex use of dock and dock management enables cross docking.

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